Industries served

Challenging applications throughout oil and gas, power, mining, chemical, food and beverage and building and construction industries.

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Oil and Gas

Production, transportation and processing of oil and gas has become more complex, costly and technically challenging, due to growing worldwide demand for oil and gas and the near depletion of conventional oil and gas reserves. Oil and gas operations are complicated by environmental concerns, remote and harsh environments, geo-politics and government regulation. Hebei Central Plumbing Industries has the experience, knowledge, products and solutions to help you meet these challenges. 

Solutions to Help Meet the Industry Challenges
Hebei Central Plumbing Industries provides extensive service and support throughout a field or facility lifecycle. From project conception to operation, we engineer, manufacture and service world-class products and systems to help you every step of the way. 

Whether you are building new facilities or optimizing existing ones, Hebei Central Plumbing Industries can provide you the widest range of today’s most innovative flow control technologies.